Video and Photo Galleries - School Year 2015-2016

May 2016 - The OUTSTANDING K4-K5 Class of OCA!!

A fun end-of-the-year video montage of the OCA K4-K5.

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May 2016 - The CLEVER 6th-10th Grade Upperclass of OCA!!

A fun end-of the-year video montage of the OCA Upperclass. 

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May 2016 - The AWESOME 1st-4th Grade Class of OCA!!

A fun end-of-the-year video montage of the OCA 1st-4th grade.

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May 2016 – Field Trip to Lincoln's New Salem

Field trip in The Land of Lincoln. Visited the place where Lincoln 1st came to Illinois from Kentucky. It was here he slept on the floor in the coppersmiths bldg, failed at being a businessman, and was given a set of law books that was sitting in the bottom of a barrel. The rest is history…….

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May 2016 - Reading with Miss Jodi

OCA prides itself in delivering and affirming a strong academic foundation. With our dynamic phonics-based reading program we’re able to develop early reading skills beginning in the K4 classroom. The proof is in the pudding….er….video

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Apr. 2016 - OCA Science & Art Fair

The OCA science and art fair! These kids did great!

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Mar. 2016 - Hands-On Science Project

Hands-on science project with OCA elementary kids & Mrs. Netty. Learning about incubation & egg hatching.

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Jan. 2016 - Learning to Read

At the beginning of the year, this K4 student struggled with letter recognition. NOW SHE IS READING!!! OCA……”Teaching For Tomorrow’s Generation”.

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Dec. 2015 - OCA Christmas Party

Christmas Party & gift exchange at Ottawa Christian Academy. Food….yummy! Fun…! Fellowship…..enjoying time with our classmates!

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Nov. 2015 - OCA Rescue Readers

Mrs. Netty’s students took a trip to Illinois Valley Animal Rescue (IVAR) to read to the sheltered cats. This helps the kids improve and develop their reading skills and teaches them about caring for animals and serving their community in positive way.

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Nov. 2015 - Harvest Hoopla Week

Harvest Hoopla Week is a fun time at OCA with Hero/ History Day, Pajama Day, Nerd Day, and more!

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Nov. 2015 - Learning to Read

From Mrs. Jodi’s K4-K5 class. OCA is all about teaching them how to read!

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Oct. 2015 - Field Trip to Tanners Orchard

Fun-filled day at Tanner’s Orchard with the students, teachers, & chaperones of OCA

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Sep. 2015 – The Joy of the Lord

OCA is a private, Christian school where The joy of The Lord is our strength. 

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