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Middle School Student

Parental Impressions

McG ~ 2018

It is so refreshing to walk through OCA and hear the teachers praying with the students; or even more, hearing the students pray and sing songs that lift up our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Our family had been wanting to come to this school for a few years and we felt so blessed when God opened the door for us to be able to.  The teachers and staff here are wonderful ladies [and gentlemen] lead by the Lord!

SH ~ 2018

If you have a child consider Ottawa Christian Academy where your child will soar in Academics as well as learning about Jesus and will be able to pray in school…. Your child will be Blessed as well as You!!!

JB ~ 2017

Truly a unique atmosphere for both students and staff. Students are learning to succeed not learning to get by.

JR ~ 2017

This school is very good. It has the hardest working teachers/staff.

MA ~ 2015

This school year we made a big change for our family. We took our kids out of public school and enrolled them in Ottawa Christian Academy (near Allen Park).

This is the best decision my husband and I have made for our children’s future.